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Happy Pops

Happy Pops are a unique all-natural clean ingredient ice pops made with real fruit and sweetened with a hint of organic cane sugar. The creator behind Happy Pops drew on her South Asian heritage and travels, and her family’s experience in the food industry, to come up with a flavour line-up that won’t be found anywhere else. From Passion Fruit and Guava to Mango and Strawberry, Happy Pops is a clean-ingredient treat that appeals to Canada’s diverse tastes. The ice pops are handcrafted in small batches without artificial ingredients and are sold at specialty retail stores through Eastern Canada.

Happy Pops came to District Ventures to help elevate their current branding into one that oozes luxury, sophistication and communicated quality, that could be enjoyed by both adults and children. The logo is curvy and mature with a subtle happy smile hidden within the letters. The subtlety of this little smile holds onto the essence of what a Happy Pop is and the joy a delicious frozen treat can bring to your life without losing its luxurious and sophisticated look. The packaging focuses around a colour system the doesn’t compromise on “happy” but maintains a level of sophisticated fun supported by the botanical graphics that appear on the boxes. The look is one that is so unique and bold it will be sure to create a lasting impression with customers, that further develops their brand loyalty.

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