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Prairie Fava

In 2014 the 3rd generation Jefferies family farm started growing and selling fava bean seeds to farmers. The family business was soon passed onto their son Cale Jefferies, who married his high school sweetheart, Hailey, and these two entrepreneurial spirits saw an opportunity to address the growing consumer demand for plant-based proteins with fava beans. Together they founded Prairie Fava. Prairie Fava serves as the link between farmers who grow high-quality fava beans and food manufacturing companies who are motivated to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based protein.


With the growing demand for alternative protein sources there became an opportunity for the company to expand and grow, still serving as the link between farmers and manufactures but also expanding into retail goods such as fava bean flour and plant-based spreads. With this expansion, the need for a new parent logo that better represented the values went underway.

While the structure of the company is changing and Prairie Fava is expanding to new and innovative products, what remains at the center of it all is a tiny little fava bean. The tiny bean is subtly tucked away amongst the letters of this inviting reliable, and modern serif typeface.


Hava Fava

Under the parent company,  Hava Fava is a nut butter replacement spread made with fava beans and simple ingredients. We were tasked to create a logo that would have its own identity but still fall within the brand structure and parent company Prairie Fava 

Bursting with energy and movement, this logo utilizes the imagery of a fava bean and combines it with a fluid typeface that showcases spread like qualities. The rounded letters and edges create a logo that is bubbly and approachable. The colours are warm and inviting further emphasizing the authentic and caring tonality of the brand.

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