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Taco Time

TacoTime Canada is dedicated to quality ingredients and special extras that are rare in fast-food chains, like starting each day with slicing fresh tomatoes and preparing our original recipe salsa! We use only quality ground beef, real Canadian Cheddar cheese, and hand-stretched tortillas to deliver the fresh taste of Mexico. Since the late seventies TacoTime has been rolling great taste, value and quality ingredients into all of our tacos, burritos and other menu offerings. With more than 125 locations from Ontario to British Columbia, it's easy for Canadians to enjoy a great Mexican taste with quick-service convenience.

While working with taco time I was tasked with numerous challenges like curating and creating content for their numerous social media platforms, creating eye-catching promotions, and campaigns that worked within the Taco Time brand structure, and I helped to further develop and evolve old brand favorites with new modern icons and logos. 


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Free water bottle campaign 

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